Tuesday, 13 October 2015

What You Should Know Before You Audition For Movies, Television Or Commercials???

What You Should Know Before You Audition For Movies, Television Or Commercials

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Actors Checklist
1 – Always bring an 8×10 photo to the audition. Even if it is a callback or you have met the client before. No exceptions!
2 – Always bring an acting resume to the audition. No exceptions!
3 – You must staple the resume back to back to your photo. Do not ever attend an audition without both your head shot and resume stapled back to back. One staple in each corner!
4 – Be 10 – 15 minutes early to your audition and make sure you have the correct address and directions to the audition. No exceptions or excuses!
5 – Once at the audition look for a sign in sheet and make sure you clearly fill in the correct information if there is a sign in sheet.
6 – Do not bother or ask the Casting director questions, research them before the audition.
7 – If they are recording the audition they will ask you to slate. When they say “slate” look into the camera and smile and confidently say hello my name is (state your full name). They may also ask you to state the part you are playing and your agency. Do not tell them this information unless they ask for it!
8 – When you are ready to perform your part find the mark or place they would like you to stand or sit (your option to stand or sit unless they specify).
9 – When you start your performance only read to the person you are having the dialog with. Do not look at the camera or the casting director, client etc. unless they are performing the scene with you.
10 – Give as much eye contact as possible to the person you are reading with, even when they are reading their lines. Really listen to them and react naturally to what they say.
11 – When you perform the scene act as natural and believable as possible. You must come off as being very relaxed, comfortable and confident.
12 – Really know the scene and characters inside and out. Prepare it over and over. Try to have the scene memorized, but make sure you know the lines and never break character!
13 – The auditions are not practice sessions. The clients auditioning you expect you to know what you are doing and be a professional finished product. Get the training before you start attending auditions!
14 – Often they will not have you do the scene more than once. If they do and they give you directions or changes really go overboard making the changes.
15 – Have and project that you are having fun. Remember you are an entertainer. Clients do not want to hire or be around boring run of the mill talent.
16 – If you receive a call back, try to look and perform the scene the same way.
17 – If you accept an audition you must attend! No exceptions. If you are not 100% sure you can attend, do not accept the audition, we will understand. (Agents usually give the client an advanced time sheet on who exactly will be at the audition and what time they are scheduled). If you are not going to be available when the job if being completed do not accept the audition.
18 – Do not get discourage if they did not hire you. Every client and situation is different. The biggest key to success in this business is patience and perseverance!!!!!
19 – It is your career, so practice, practice, practice, because the competition will be!

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