Friday, 9 October 2015

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!! :) QUESTION TIME: Beard or no beard?

Stop what you're doing, put down that coffee and step away from the spreadsheet: this is important. Does your favourite Hollywood hunk look better with or without a beard? Only you can decide (but we'll give you a hand)... 
Hunk Chase Crawford #nobeard

or with beard 

Simon Cowell without beard or

or with... YOU DECIDE???

That saying us girlies in the office all think the gorgeous hunky chase can enter our office at #majesticmodels anytime day or night and no one will turn him away, just one thing i think a few cat fights to win him over... but hang on surely Chase gets to decide, ohhh no the single lady gets to decide, that would be better - only one single lady in our office, so that wont be hard........ Who is it I wonder..... Lets just say she's HOT Mr Crawford!!!

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