Thursday, 1 October 2015

Do you have what it takes to be a model ?

When agents look for in new models to sign, as they look for a very specific set of physical criteria.
How you look is definitely the first thing agents see. First and foremost models say over 13 years need to be tall and slim; for the most part they need to be slimmer than the average girl. This is the reason that the modelling industry gets such a bad reputation, because the call for slim models could be seen as promoting an unrealistic body image. While this is a valid criticism there are some equally valid reasons that models need to be slender. Clothes hang better on a smaller body and the fashion industry is essentially about selling clothes and other trappings of style like cosmetics, skin care, accessories, and perfumes. This is mainly what the clients what, therefore model agencies much match their clients assignments.
Sophie - Majestic Models

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The fashion industry’s love-affair with skinny girls is not part of a conspiracy against average sized bodies. Slimmer figures are important on the runway but they also photograph better. Why? Pictures are two dimensional and for this reason the body loses some of its angles in photographs. Without the proper angles even slender girls can appear heavy in pictures. Lighting plays an important role in counteracting the flattening effects of photography but it can’t correct for all the effects of transferring a three dimensional object on to a two dimensional piece of paper. Using a slim model also helps eliminate the problems associated with losing the all important angles.

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