Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The right clothes before shooting!

Especially for laundry or swimwear shoot one should note a couple of small but important things in advance. 
For the customer, it is not only important in an undergarment shoot that the model should be maintained and appear well, but also it immensely important that impressions can not be seen on the skin.

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Most clothes we wear, leaves marks: Too tight jeans, the confederation of socks to underwear or a tight constricting bra. These imprints need usually hours to disappear again. The photographer or the one who edited the images, unnecessary work and costs the customer has set their budget. Footprints to the skin are therefore a cost factor and this is also somewhat unprofessional. At an underwear shoot would be better to attract casual, loose clothes. It is best to dispense a few hours before the shooting and on arrival throughout the BH or other tight clothing. When shooting, you can warm up or covering or can take a bath robe, thick socks without collar and a towel.

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