Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Your secret blogger @ Majestic Models and Casting Agency

Well it is Tuesday morning and the Majestic Team are very excited about there new booking system, lets just say Joanne (the boss) is now cracking that whip! :) Majestic Models and and Casting are also in the process of having a new website built by an amazing team and by having this site it will give all dedicated models access to their very own web page so they can add to their book, update their stats, confirm casting and jobs etc as well as letting us know when there available is by adding to the Model Agency dairy. So those do not appear on our live site as we speak please do not worry you will be added to the new website as pretty pointless adding you to the old one and then the new, makes no sense, am sure you agree.

My task today is try to get some sneaky photos of the team and add them to our blog - lets hope they are not reading this until i have achieved my task. Hehe..

Have a great day all and you will be hearing from moi real soon.

Your secret blogger x

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